Children’s Teeth Grinding. Is this typical?

Help for teeth grinding in kids

It’s not uncommon for kids to grind their teeth, especially at night. Approximately 20% of children develop the habit at some time during their youth. When sleeping, parents may detect their children make grinding noises or movements. This is referred as bruxism by dentists.

If your child doesn’t outgrow it and the enamel on permanent teeth wears down too much, it might become a dental problem.

The Grind of the Night: It’s Frequently a Transitional Stage

Some children’s infant teeth are misaligned, causing them to press against their bite. The problem can go away as the permanent teeth come in.

It’s a good idea to alert your child’s pediatric dentist about bruxism in young children in case it’s linked to a condition that’s giving your child pain. A child with bruxism may be dealing with anxiety or responding to medicines. Anxiety is common in children; we can all recall our own experiences. A relaxing bath, a night story, a rain or wave recording, or soothing bedtime music can all help to relieve tension. Some youngsters prefer to read before going to bed, while others benefit from the use of a nightlight.

Even if it does not become a dental issue, grinding the teeth for an extended period of time can produce earaches, headaches, and jaw difficulties, so it’s important to take note and address the underlying causes. Also, let your dentist know if your child has jaw pain or pain during chewing.

A visit to the pediatric dentist

It makes perfect sense to schedule a dental visit and get your child’s condition diagnosed. Your child’s mouth and teeth will be examined by your dentist, who will look for any underlying problems. There are many techniques to make your child more comfortable, such as brushing or relaxation tips that are beneficial to their overall health.

Some children should follow in the footsteps of hockey players and acquire their own personalized mouthguards to sleep in. Mouthguards today are adaptable and pleasant. They stop the grinding and the aches that can occur as a result.

All children, from infancy to adolescence, have a constantly evolving and diverse set of mental and physical requirements. Your child’s general health benefits from regular dental exams and the early adoption of healthy oral hygiene habits. Learning about basic dental hygiene today will benefit your child for the rest of his or her life.

Positive Dental Care Connections Aid in the Development of Self-Confidence

At West U Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we make every effort to make your child’s dental visits as pleasant as possible. Our clinic plays a vital role in helping your child form positive associations with good dental health and avoiding future anxiety about seeing the dentist. We take it seriously while yet having a good time.

If you’re concerned about your child’s teeth grinding or any other dental difficulties, we urge you to schedule an appointment with us.