Dental Tips for Kids

Dental Tips for Kids

Even though your child might not experience a normal school routine at times, there are a few things that can still be kept on a regular schedule. One of these is taking care of your child’s teeth. Here are some tips to keep in mind when helping your child with a dental routine, including taking your child to the pediatric dentist for cleanings and check-ups.

Normal Routines

One of the easiest ways you can help your child with dental care is to keep a normal schedule. Most dentists will schedule regular appointments for every six months. When brushing at home, try to maintain a schedule for brushing and flossing in the morning and in the evening.

Healthy Smile

When your child performs the proper care for their teeth, you’ll usually see a bright smile. This is often because children want others to see their sparkling clean teeth instead of teeth that are dirty or that are broken. Even if you don’t see any issues when your child is young, not taking care of your child’s teeth can sometimes result in dental issues in adulthood.


Caring for your child’s teeth can help to prevent dental diseases and viruses. When the teeth stay clean, then bacteria will stay out of the mouth. This means that there won’t be bacteria to erode the enamel on the teeth or to eat away at the gum tissue. Keeping your child’s teeth healthy can also decrease the risk for oral cancer in the future.

Get Enthusiastic

Try to show your child that it’s a good thing to care for their teeth. Play music when brushing. You can even make brushing a fun game so that your child will be excited to brush and floss each day. Consider getting stickers or other small rewards so that your child looks forward to dental care each week.


Take your child to the store to get their own toothbrush and toothpaste. If your child can pick out these items on their own, then they will likely want to use them more when brushing. Make sure the toothpaste has the proper amount of fluoride to keep teeth healthy. You can also let your child choose the kind of mouthwash to use as there are some options for kids.


Show your child the proper way to brush and floss instead of simply telling your child what to do as many children tend to learn better if they see an example. Make sure you hold the toothbrush at the correct angle against the gum line in order to remove food particles and bacteria. You should also brush back and forth in a gentle manner instead of being too harsh on your teeth, showing your child that care needs to be taken so that the gums don’t bleed.

Foods and Drinks

Teach your child to care for their teeth by choosing the right foods to eat and beverages to drink. Try to avoid sugary drinks, chewy candies, pies, and cookies. If these are enjoyed, then teach your child to brush after eating to remove the excess sugar.

Getting Started with a Pediatric Dentist

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