How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

West U Smiles Shares Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Dental Care

Many children dislike cleaning their teeth, and as a parent, it can be tough to persuade them to brush on a regular basis. Kids will try to avoid brushing their teeth, so how can you convince them to want to wash their teeth? Dr. Julie Longoria of West U Smiles can help you with some creative ideas.

Make it a Game

A game is a terrific technique to motivate younger kids to start brushing their teeth on a regular basis. Fighting the sugar bugs or tooth monsters is a terrific way to get kids enthused about brushing their teeth twice a day.

Allow Them to Select Their Own Tools

Allowing children to choose their toothbrush and toothpaste might make them feel empowered and motivate them to brush their teeth. They get to brush away those tiny tooth monsters with their wonderful toothbrushes and awesome toothpaste.

Begin Early

This is essential; getting kids interested about brushing their teeth at a young age will make this regular habit simpler to enforce as they get older. Brushing their teeth while they are young lessens the likelihood that they will regard not brushing their teeth as a sign of resistance later in their teens.

Use Positive Language

Brushing your teeth with an upbeat attitude is one way you may make a positive impression on your youngster. Instead of threatening them with a terrible smile or a broken tooth, paint a triumphant picture. Make your youngster the hero, conquering the sugar bugs in his or her mouth. Brushing will become more enjoyable for them if positive words and approaches are used.

If you’re still having difficulties persuading your children to clean their teeth, please ask us for further advice at your next appointment! Call our office to make an appointment, and our friendly front desk staff will gladly assist you.