Labial Frenectomy Post-op Exercises

If left alone most of the tissue that was cut will re-attach. Exercises and movement after surgery are essential to making sure the re-attachment is as minimal as possible. Yes, this will be painful, especially during the first few days after the release, but it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Do these exercises for 3-6 weeks. Some of the exercises are the same as the pre-op exercises.

Tongue around the world

Move the tongue in a circle along the teeth. Keep the lips closed. Don’t move the jaw. Begin with smaller circles around, build up to larger circles as tongue gets stronger. 5x in each direction (building up to 10x each direction), 2-3x/day.


Keeping lips closed, blow air up & hold, right & hold, down & hold, left & hold. 2-3x in each direction, 2x/day.

Lip around the world

Grab the upper lip with the thumb & forefingers of both hands. Move the lip around in a circle, both right & left directions. 10 circles, each direction, 2-3x/day.

Suction Pulls

This is one to start a few days after surgery. Suction a cork (or thumb knuckle) into the mouth. Then pull it out, making a popping noise. 10x, 2-3x/day.

Toothless surprise face

Roll the lips in over the teeth and open the mouth. Lift the eyebrows as if you are surprised. 10x, 2-3x/day.

Cotton Roll (or gauze) holds

Put a clean wet cotton roll (or folded gauze) under the lip at the surgery site. Close the lip and hang out in that position, as long as possible 2-3x/day